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Aspiria empowers people to go beyond the status quo to think, create, and build outside the lines. This lively destination offers something for everyone — a variety of convenient eateries, open green space with stunning water features, retail locations and so much more to come.

LEADING Technology

Built on one of the most secure, expansive networks in the world, Aspiria’s technological infrastructure makes it an unrivaled choice for innovative business. Industry leading companies can steward top talent with campus wide WIFI seamlessly integrate their advanced technology stack into the robust and secure network.

Health and Fitness

An office at Aspiria is an investment in talent and the corporate campus’ extensive health and wellness offerings are sure to enhance employee retention efforts. Aspiria offers all-inclusive, no-cost access to its three-story fitness center to all tenant employees. The campus also includes facilities for basketball, soccer, tennis, biking and walking.

24/7 Security

A variety of security features ensure peace of mind for tenants and employees alike. Each building is secured with badge access at both main-level entrances and a staffed security desk. The campus is equipped with security cameras that operate 24/7 and security personnel are available to escort employees and guests.


Aspiria includes multiple dining locations, including order-and-go cafes for those on a time crunch or a more contemporary eatery called The Hub with a range of options in a modern and energetic atmosphere. The space has open seating as well as meeting rooms. Outdoor plazas are also available across campus.


Spanning over 200 acres, Aspiria provides expansive green space to refresh, unwind and re-energize. Beautiful landscaping, water features and covered walkways all add to the welcoming atmosphere. Employees can find everything from lounge seating in the sun to Adirondack chairs in the shade.


Aspiria is dedicated to supporting the community and offers a variety of partnerships for local businesses like RideKC shared-bikes, Martinizing Dry Cleaning drop-off and pick-up locations, and an on-site Cerner health clinic. With the convenience of employees and visitors in mind, the vision is to offer a full-service experience in one location.

Bringing Life
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People eating lunch at The Hub
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Convenient & Contemporary Eateries

Aspiria prides itself on being the one place for everyone's needs. A variety of dining and delivery options solve the limited lunch hour conundrum. The Hub offers a range of culinary options in a modern and energetic atmosphere. The space has open seating as well as enclosed meeting rooms. Additional stop-and-go cafes and traditional cafeterias are also available.

People talking as the walk in the Aspiria Fitness Center
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Onsite Fitness Center

Aspiria promotes an active lifestyle with free, unlimited access for tenant employees to a 3-story, onsite fitness center, which includes cardio and weight training equipment, spin and yoga classes, plus a sauna and locker rooms. The center is conveniently located in the middle of campus for easy access at any time of day. The Fitness Center is also open to the public through a membership.

An aerial shot of the Aspiria campus highlighting some of the parking garages.

Health, Safety and Efficiency

Dedicated on-site management staff ensure Aspiria is running securely and efficiently. State-of-the-art Building Automation Systems (BAS) keep spaces at ideal conditions and top of-the-line MERV-13 Air Filtration Systems ensure excellent air purity. Back-up generators and independent power sources keep everything running despite power outages. The campus is also 100% powered by wind energy.

Nature and Outdoor Plazas

Spanning over 200 acres, Aspiria provides open green space to refresh, unwind and re-energize. Employees and visitors can also use one of the outdoor plazas scattered throughout campus to grab a quick bite, catch a meeting over coffee or just enjoy the outdoors. The campus features pedestrian friendly access, athletic fields, bikes, and walking paths.

Fiber optic cables plugged into a server
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Secure Fiber Network

With one of the most secure and expansive fiber networks in the country, Aspiria features the ODN system with powerful network connections, including secure global WI-Fi across campus. A variety of connectivity options are available to tenants, saving time and money through seamless implementation.

A man swipes his access card to enter an Aspiria building.

Badge Access and 24/7 Security

Safety is a top priority at Aspiria. Each building is secured with badge access at both main-level entrances and a staffed security desk for added security. The campus is equipped with security cameras that operate 24/7 to ensure full surveillance of building exteriors, main entrances and common areas. A security escort is also available to all employees and visitors.

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Trails and Sports Facilities

A well-established trail wraps around the three lakes located near the tennis court and offers quiet place for walking, jogging and biking. Enjoy the indoor and outdoor basketball courts, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

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